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Filtrete vs Filterbuy Air Filter Comparison

Keeping the air in your home or business clean and fresh is a vital key to both personal comfort and overall health. Choosing the best air filters for the job relies on key knowledge about the differences between products that are on the market. Filters that look the same on the outside of the label are not always the same on the inside.

Filterbuy strives to deliver the best air filters, directly to consumers, at the best price. Here’s how we stack up to Filtrete, another brand in the market.

Filterbuy vs Filtrete Filter Materials

Filterbuy and Filtrete both offer pleated air filters. They are superior to fiberglass filters and tend to be more cost-effective over the long-term.

We exclusively sell pleated air filters because they are more durable and provide better filtration. That means you can breathe easier for longer. A fiberglass filter costs less, but you’ll have to replace it sooner. Over time more frequent replacements aren’t just a nuisance, they cost more too. Better filtration can also minimize costly wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.

As far as the number of pleats, a direct comparison is difficult since Filtrete doesn’t list pleat count per foot. Most estimates are on the higher end, around 50 to 100. We’ve found that 14 pleats per foot offers an ideal balance between air filtration and air flow. In some HVAC systems, more pleats could hinder air flow. This is even more true when you use a high-quality filter material, like Filterbuy does. That higher quality material does a better job of capturing and retaining more particulate matter, without needing to stuff the filter full of more material.

Both Filterbuy and Filtrete feature some models that come with an odor eliminating carbon filter treatment. The treatment helps to reduce unpleasant smells and prevent them from spreading throughout your home or business.

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Filterbuy vs Filtrete Filter Frame

Often manufacturers pay a lot more attention to the filter materials than the frame construction. What they fail to realize (or purposely skimp on to reduce costs) is that frame construction has a huge impact on the longevity and performance of the air filter.

Filterbuy has some of the best frame construction in the industry. Cardboard, like the material used in Filtrete air filters, isn’t as durable as the industrial-grade beverage board we use. Sub-par frame materials are much more likely to warp, bend and erode long before the filter needs to be changed. If you live in a place with high temperatures or high humidity premature breakdown is more likely. And when there’s lack of structural support for the filter it can greatly reduce air filtration.

Filterbuy air filters are made with rigid cell beverage board construction that can handle temperatures up to 200 degrees. Filters are also reinforced with a dual wire backing to keep the frame and filter material perfectly in place. While Filtrete sells conventional commercial air filters, at Filterbuy you can get commercial filters with a galvanized steel frame and wire backing. It offers better support for the oversized and heavy-duty air filters that are used in commercial spaces.

Filterbuy vs Filtrete Filter Size Options

Filter size options is where Filterbuy really sets itself apart from Filtrete and other competitors. With twice as many options available, you’re twice as likely to find the exact size you need at Filterbuy.

By now you probably already know air filter compartments come in a lot of different sizes. Trying to find an air filter that isn’t one of the 5-10 standard sizes in a big box home improvement store is near impossible. But even finding what you need online can be difficult when you need a custom size.

You can try to resize a standard air filter on your own, but there are sure to be gaps that compromise filtration. Companies like Filtrete offer a cut-to-fit option up to 20x30x1. But there are two problems with that option. 1.) There’s a limit on how big the filter can be. 2.) Cutting to fit leaves room for error, and it may not fit perfectly.

The easiest option is to use a direct-to-consumer provider like Filterbuy that can create a filter for the exact size you need with no markup or extra fees. Our custom filter size program gives you the online tools you need to build a filter in thousands of different size combinations. That’s how we’re able to provide air filters that are compatible with every HVAC brand, not just a select few.

Filterbuy vs Filtrete Filter Pack Sizes

Does your home or office have an odd number of air filters? Do you need air filters in a variety of sizes? Do you want to stock up and get all your air filters for the year in a single purchase?

These are the types of circumstances when pack size is a factor. No one can beat Filterbuy’s pack size options. That’s because we deliver as many air filters as you need at no additional charge. With Filtrete you’re limited to buying filters in packs of six or less.


FilterBuy vs Filtrete Filter Ratings

When you’re shopping for air filters you’re going to come across a lot of acronyms that don’t make a whole lot of sense at first. The three most common are MERV, MPR and FPR. All three are measurements that rate an air filter.

MERV / Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

This is a national rating system, which means all filters have a MERV rating that is somewhere between 1 and 20. The number indicates the size of the particles that will be captured. The higher the rating is the more particles and pollution the filter will clean out of the air. But you have to be careful because filters with a rating higher than MERV 13 could negatively impact airflow.

Filterbuy air filters have a MERV rate of at least six to ensure adequate filtration, but we cap it at MERV 13 so that airflow isn’t compromised. With Filtrete you may wind up with a filter with a very low filtration rating or one that’s too high.

MPR / Microparticle Performance Rating

This rating is only found on 3M/Filtrete air filters. It indicates how well a filter can trap particles that are smaller than 1 micron. A rating of 300 is standard and 2800 is a premium rating. That range is equivalent to a MERV rating range of 6 to MERV 14.

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The Verdict

The quality construction, durable materials and limitless size options give Filterbuy air filters an edge over Filtrete air filters. While Filtrete’s MERV ratings may appear to be slightly better at face value, there’s good reason to choose an air filter with a rating of MERV 13 or less. You can’t beat well-made, custom-sized air filters at a competitive price! Browse our extensive selection of sizes to find your new favorite air filter.