Custom Air Filters

Build your own custom AC or furnace filter in a few easy steps

1. Measure your filter with a tape measure
2. Tell us your size by selecting the nearest 1/8"
3. Choose your performance rating for your filter
4. Choose how many and complete your order!
Watch how we make our filters custom for you

How to measure your air filter

Simply measure the length and width of your filter with a tape measure and choose the closest size (to 1/8”) in the drop down menu. 1/8” tolerance is standard and should not cause a problem in any standard filter application.

Please note that the ‘actual’ filter size, ie the size that your tape measure shows, should be used when creating a filter with this tool, not a nominal filter size. You can read more about the difference between actual and nominal filter sizes here. 

Note that depths of each filter are standard, as shown to the rightbelow:



How many filters?
How often?