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About Us

FilterBuy is a direct to consumer replacement air filter brand, headquartered in the Southeast of the United States and serving homes and businesses across the country. We are dedicated to providing quality, U.S. manufactured products to our customers.

About us
About us

Our Mission

The importance of indoor air quality (commonly referred to as IAQ) has been well-documented in recent years and the variety of air filters available has skyrocketed. The pricing of the average replacement filter has gone up due to expensive retail space (air filters are bulky for their dollar value) and big air conditioning companies constantly changing filter sizes, leaving you, the customer, dependent on the same company for replacements. Add to that the irregular sizes of air ducts cut by housing contractors and you end up with a huge variety of filter sizes often impossible to find in a local hardware store.

FilterBuy was formed to offer a sustainable solution to this problem. Our goal is to provide one-stop filter shopping, providing an easy platform for you to shop for well-priced filters in any size you need in the comfort of your home. For your convenience you can arrange to have new replacement filters arrive at your home at the interval you want. Now you can breathe easy knowing your filters are not out-of-date and that the replacement is set to arrive when you need it.

Our Filters and Services

We are fanatical about customer service and are dedicated to offering you the best possible user experience. We offer free shipping on all orders within the continental U.S. We allow maximum flexibility for quantity of filters ordered as we realize storing bulky quantity of filters is not always an option.

With over 600 pleated furnace filter sizes, high quality replacement filters for more than 40 air filter brands (and growing), and large selection of humidifier replacement filters, FilterBuy is your source for low cost replacements for most any air filtration device.

Can't find it on our site? Contact us! We are able to provide an even wider variety of custom filters at great prices.