20x25x2 Air Filters

MERV 8 (Standard)

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20x25x2 Air Filter Description

Actual Size: 19.5x24.5x1.75"
Model: AFB20x25x2M8
Available In MERV Rating: 6 , 8 , 11 , 13
Made in the USA
Ships in 24 hours

MERV Rating Information

MERV 6 (Basic)

Actual: 19.5x24.5x1.75"
Model: AFB20x25x2M6

6 for 12.34 each

5% discount

PollenDust MitesMoldBasic Residential Use

MERV 8 (Standard)

Actual: 19.5x24.5x1.75"
Model: AFB20x25x2M8

6 for 13.29 each

5% discount

PollenDust MitesMoldLarger dust particles, like pudding mixStandard residential / commercial use

MERV 11 (Superior)

Actual: 19.5x24.5x1.75"
Model: AFB20x25x2M11

6 for 15.19 each

5% discount

PollenDust MitesMoldAuto Emissions / Large Particles like Milled FlowerSuperior Commercial and Residential

MERV 13 (Best)

Actual: 19.5x24.5x1.75"
Model: AFB20x25x2M13

6 for 18.99 each

5% discount

PollenDust MitesMoldAll BacteriaProplet Nuceli (sneeze)Smoking LoungesBest of breed, hospital grade filter

To ensure the absolute best quality of indoor air, you’ll want to replace your furnace filters at regular intervals. If your HVAC unit uses 20x25x2 air filters and you’re looking for the ideal balance of economy and performance, you’ll want to browse our selection of top-quality FilterBuy-branded replacement filters. From our entry level MERV 6-rated filter that effectively minimizes pollen, dust mites, mold, and other allergens, to the upgraded MERV 8 filter that offers even more refined cleaning, you’re bound to find the ideal filter for your specific application. If you are looking for the best in commercial or residential filtering, select from either a MERV 11-rated filter or a MERV 13-rated unit. These two filter types deliver superior particle retention and a much wider range of filtration effectiveness. If anyone in the home or office has allergies or asthmatic conditions, you’ll definitely want to consider either an 11 or 13-rated unit. Order today and enjoy free shipping on any orders over $75, and same-day shipping on all purchases. Since 1958 we’ve helped consumer and commercial clients alike with the absolute widest selection of replacement filters on the market today. Contact us today to place your order!



Build a Custom Size

Simply measure the length and width of your filter with a tape measure and choose the closest size (to 1/8”) in the drop down menu. 1/8” tolerance is standard and should not cause a problem in any standard filter application.

Please note that the ‘actual’ filter size, ie the size that your tape measure shows, should be used when creating a filter with this tool, not a nominal filter size. Note that the depths of each filter are standard, as shown to the right.

Simply measure the length and width of your filter with a tape measure and choose the closest size (to 1/8”) in the drop down menu. Please note that the filter depth is standard.