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Welcome to filterbuy

Let us (re)introduce ourselves.

A note from our founder

Since we launched Filterbuy decades ago, I’ve had a singular focus the best air filter company in the country. I studied the filter market and discovered there were too many gaps in delivering customers what they needed, addressing why they needed it, and offering the highest quality product at a value. Similar products are made in other countries, with lesser-grade materials. Customers even pay more for the cost of shipping filters to the U.S. The array of sizes and types of filters customers needed was broad and deep, but the selection available for immediate purchase was so very limited. I knew we could do better. So we did.

Moving forward, our objective is to be more than the best air filter company, it’s to be a champion for indoor air quality for every single American. The air we breathe is the foundation of a healthy life. For our planet, our home, our families. Cleaner will always be better. Our mission, simply put, is to reach more customers and to bring “Better Air for All.”

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A refreshed look for filterbuy

Filterbuy is excited to introduce our new packaging and branding! We hope you love it just as much as we do.

Our new logo

New logo

You’ll notice that our NEW logo includes the Filterbuy brand name proudly surrounded by a green frame. This is a nod to our filter frames and was chosen to symbolize the protection we provide and to give you peace of mind that your home, your family, and even your HVAC are cared for. Clean air should be accessible to every person, that’s why we believe in better air for all!

Our new green frame

New green frame

Our new Green Filterbuy frames are just as high quality as ever, but just now they will be colored green. We want everyone to know that a green Filterbuy filter means a clean home.

Green = Clean

Colored filter media

The “media” (material that is inside the filter frame) is going to be colored by MERV level. This way, you know that you are getting exactly what you want to /buy. No reading small type. No wondering what you bought last time since when you go to replace your filter 3 months later. Clean & clear.

Merving in the right direction

Choosing the correct MERV rating can make or break your HVAC system. Each MERV rating offers a different level of filtration, so using the incorrect MERV can restrict your HVAC system’s air flow, damage system parts, and even cause a breakdown. Repairs are expensive and you could be stuck without heating or cooling for days.

That’s why we’re introducing a new color system to differentiate each of our MERVs.

Our new filter media, the pleated part of the filter, is color coded according to each rating, eliminating any confusion and guess work when it’s time to make a purchase.

MERV ratings color coded

A Smarter Way to Shop

Smarter Way To Shop Image

We’ve rolled out an even more optimized shopping experience! is all dressed up with with a fresh new look, improved performance, and smoother navigation. Home maintenance is already difficult enough, so to make things easier for our customers, we’ve upgraded our site and shopping features to create a seamless filter ordering experience.

Apart from our new design, you’ll also notice faster loading times to make browsing and purchasing even more convenient than before. Next time you’re placing an order for fresh filters, keep an eye out for each of these upgrades and experience the smoothest and fastest way to buy air filters online!

“Our objective is to be more than the best air filter company, it is to be a champion for indoor air quality – for every single American.”

“Our objective is to be more than the best air filter company, it is to be a champion for indoor air quality – for every single American.”