At, we realize that buying air filters is a nuisance that most people would be happy to never have to worry about again. We have come up with a cost effective solution that will allow you to go on with your life and outsource that burden to us – all while saving you money!

When you order filters on our site, simply make your purchase a ‘recurring order’. We will automatically apply a 5% discount from your purchase and send you the correct filters on the time frame that you choose. Most of our standard pleated filters are designed to last 3 months (over 3 times longer than traditional fiberglass filters!), while the custom whole house filters we sell are designed to be replaced every 6 months. You will notice badges throughout our site designating how often they should be replaced, aiding you in your recurring order decision.

You are free to cancel your subscription any time through our convenient backend order management system and just like any regular order on our site, all orders ship 100% for free within the continental US.

We value your business and aim to take the hassle out of your filter purchases for years to come. – Breathe Better!