Filtrete Air Filter Replacements

Need another size?


Filtrete is a well-respected name in air filters and currently manufactures a wide range of generic pleated filters in a host of sizes. We carry FilterBuy-branded filters that are specifically designed for use in a variety of applications, and they have proven to be incredibly effective furnace filters – all without carrying a premium price tag. Our FilterBuy-branded filters come in over 600 different sizes (well more than any other available brand) and provide you with the flexibility of choice. You can select from among four distinct performance ratings to customize your filter selection to your preferences and needs. Simply choose a size from the drop down menu on the left to get started.

Once you have chosen the perfect generic replacement Filtrete air filter for your HVAC system, simply order today and your selection will arrive in the mail in a matter of days. Discard the old filter, replace it with a high-performance replacement unit from, and you’ll enjoy clean, filtered, healthy air in minutes. Best of all, you can establish a recurring order plan that not only provides a significant cost savings – but also guarantees that you’ll have replacement filters on-hand to keep your system running perfectly. Order quality Filtrete air and furnace filters today!