Where are my air filters located?

When it comes time to replace your filter, an easy task can become a source of frustration when you can't seem to find where your air filters are located. If you’re wondering where you can find your filters, here are some of the most common places to look!

1. Furnace or HVAC.

Your heating and cooling system is most likely where your air filter is located. If you’re unsure of where your air handler is located, check the attic, basement, crawlspaces, or garage. If you’re living in a smaller space (like an apartment), your unit is likely in a closet.

Once you've found your HVAC unit, finding where the air filter has been installed should be the easy part! Select the type of unit you have from the list below to find out where to look for your filter.

  • Vertical Up-flow System

    The most popular type of unit, this system will likely be found in your basement or crawlspace. Your filter will most likely be located at the bottom of the unit.

  • Vertical Down-flow System

    For a down-flow system, your filter is probably lcoated at the top of the HVAC unit.

  • Horizontal System

    Horizontal systems are usually located in attics, garages, or basements with the return duct connected to the side of the air handler. For this system, your filter will likely be installed vertically on the side of the unit.

2. Central air return register/vent.

Central air return registers are often situated in open common areas like in the floor, ceiling, or near a stairwell. Filters are located just inside the vent, which can easily be removed using a screwdriver.

Still can’t find your air filter? Ask your technician the next time you need your furnace tuned up!