Everything to Know About Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning can be an essential part of maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Given the right situation, this service can be the difference between having harmful particles in your air and having a clean, healthy home. With this in mind, knowing what air duct cleaning can help with, when you should have your ducts cleaned, and how to choose a reliable air duct cleaning company can be difficult for many homeowners.

There is a large amount of misinformation online about air duct cleaning and what it can do for you. At Filterbuy Local, we want you to feel confident when hiring a professional air duct cleaning service. Below we've outlined some things you should know before choosing a company for air duct cleaning or agreeing to have it done.

Why is air duct cleaning important?

When done for the right reasons, air duct cleaning can give you better indoor air quality and improve overall home safety. Typically, the everyday dust and debris inside your home air ducts do not enter the air in your home. However, when your ducts fill with harmful particles, such as mold growth, vermin nesting, or construction debris, your indoor air may be contaminated. In this case, scheduling an appointment with a professional air duct cleaning service is the best way to make your ducts and indoor air safe again.

Is air duct cleaning necessary?

Whether or not an air duct cleaning is necessary depends on your duct system and its current state. There are cases in which air duct cleaning will not significantly improve issues you may be experiencing in your home. For example, if your system is relatively dust-free, a duct cleaning will not make a noticeable difference. However, there are absolutely cases where duct cleaning is necessary and needed to reinstate quality indoor air.

When is it necessary?

There are a few situations where duct cleaning is necessary to improve your air quality and home safety. We have listed these cases below for your reference:

  • Visible Debris

    Large debris clogging your air duct vents is a sign that a professional air duct cleaning is needed. In cases where the ducts or air vents are entirely blocked, there is a higher chance that unhealthy particles are entering into your home as your HVAC system air circulates. Additionally, a completely clogged duct can place extra strain on your air system, resulting in lowered performance and efficiency.

  • Mold Growth

    The presence or growth of mold is another reason to schedule a cleaning with an air duct service. In cases of significant growth, mold spores can enter your home’s air from your air ducts. These spores may not be noticeable initially, but over time decrease your air safety and can even cause sickness. By the time you realize mold is in your ducts, they will most likely need a deep cleaning to restore your original air quality.

  • Vermin and Insect Infestations

    Vermin or insects living in your ducts is another sign that you need an air duct cleaning. During colder months, animals that typically live outdoors will try to find shelter inside. Unfortunately, that sometimes means your duct system is compromised. Having uninvited guests in your home is never fun, but it's worse when your air quality is negatively affected. In these cases, an inspection and professional duct cleaning can help clear your air and prevent future infestation.

  • Construction or Home Remodeling

    Have you remodeled your home recently? If so, a professional duct cleaning should be the final step in your home improvement process. Any in-home construction releases contaminants, dust, and debris into your air. If your contractor forgets to seal all your air vents, or does not seal them well enough, these contaminants can make their way into your duct system. Visible construction debris spilling from your air vents after a home improvement project is a surefire sign that your ducts need cleaning to restore indoor air quality.

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Does cleaning air ducts really make a difference?

When done properly and in the right circumstances, cleaning air ducts can really make a difference to your indoor air quality and overall home safety. You may be surprised how effective a duct cleaning really is at removing air contaminants and restoring your clean air.

What are the benefits of cleaning air ducts?

Many benefits go hand-in-hand with necessary, professional air duct cleaning. As many of the causes of blocked ducts are accompanied by other symptoms, you are likely to see an improvement in those as well. Here are some results you may experience after a cleaning:

  • Better Smell Throughout Your Home

    If your small vermin have infested your duct system, you may notice foul or strange smells coming from your air vents into your home. Once an air vents cleaning service clears your ducts of the nesting and infestation, the musty, vile, and unpleasant smells in your home should also go away.

  • Home Protection Against Mold

    Significant mold growth in your air ducts can lead to mold formation elsewhere in your home, thanks to how mold spores travel through the air. By getting an expert air duct cleaning, you stop mold from further moving through the air and infecting other parts of your home.

  • Reducing Future Infestations

    Vermin and insects are attracted to the scents and markings they leave behind in their nesting location. A professional air ducts cleaning service will thoroughly clean your infected ducts and use an antimicrobial solution to remove traces of the previous infestation. These measures will help prevent vermin from reinfesting the location, protecting your ducts for the future.

For more information on air duct cleaning and what to expect from an air vents cleaning service, feel free to read our previous article about the proven benefits of air duct cleaning.

Can air duct cleaning get rid of mold?

Air ducts are a common location for mold, as damp, warm air coming through your system can encourage spore growth. With this in mind, an air duct cleaning can get rid of mold present within your duct system. If you notice musty odors coming from your ducts, asthma flare-ups, or more breathing problems than usual, you may want to have your air ducts checked for mold. If growth is present, hiring a trusted air vents cleaning service should get rid of the fungus and prevent more particles from entering your home’s air.

How often should you clean out your air ducts?

Contrary to what many industrial air duct cleaning companies state online, you should have your ducts professionally cleaned when needed, as opposed to monthly or quarterly scheduled maintenance. If you notice symptoms of compromised ducts, such as musty odor, unusual sounds, visible debris, or more prominent breathing problems, you should have your air ducts inspected. You may need duct cleaning to restore your indoor air quality.

Additionally, if you have recently undergone a home remodel, completed a large indoor home improvement project, or had construction take place indoors, you should schedule an air duct cleaning service soon after the work is done. This is especially important if you do not have a record or confirmation that your contractor sealed your air vents during the construction project.

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Should I clean my ductwork myself?

While it may be tempting, you should never attempt to clean air ducts yourself. Cleaning without professional equipment, improper techniques, and without the right cleaning agents can cause further damage to your ducts and your entire HVAC system. In many cases, hiring a professional air duct cleaning service will be significantly cheaper and faster than replacing a damaged duct or system.

In cases of mold or infestation, amateur cleanings can also increase the likelihood of future spore regrowth or reinfestation. Whether you need commercial or industrial air duct cleaning, professional technicians know how to remove all traces of an infestation from air duct systems. By hiring a professional, you are keeping the residents of your home or business safe from harmful particles and other unpleasant symptoms.

Should I hire a commercial duct cleaning service or replace the air duct?

Whether you need an air ducts cleaning or an air duct replacement will depend on the issues present within your duct system. Scheduling a professional HVAC inspection should be your first step if you suspect a duct needs a replacement. An experienced technician will be able to identify the issue and point you in the right direction. That said, infestations, vermin nesting, and mold growth are often solved with a good, professional cleaning service.

How much does air duct cleaning services cost?

Air duct cleaning costs vary greatly depending on many factors, including the standard cleaning rates for your area. In looking for a reliable air duct cleaning service, you should carefully compare and consider the prices of different companies.

Very low rates may seem enticing but could be a sign that a company does not clean the entire duct system, hires non-certified technicians, or uses low-quality biocides. This is why you should always invest in a quality, trusted company and ask questions during your air ducts cleaning consultation.

How long does the air duct cleaning service take?

How long a service will take depends on the cleaning job and how large the duct system is. A small apartment, for example, may take less time to completely clean than a multi-level home. However, you can usually expect a proper duct cleaning to last 2 - 5 hours. During this time, the company will often ask you to leave the premises.

After an air duct cleaning company has agreed to clean your entire duct system, always ask for an estimated cleaning time. You should learn exactly how long you will have to be out of the house to allow proper cleaning.

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Is air duct cleaning a landlord responsibility?

There are no legal requirements for landlords to pay for their resident's air duct cleaning, though some may still cover the procedure if they find it necessary for the in-home health. To find out whether or not your landlord will cover the cleaning, let them know why you would like the service done and how it could improve your living situation. You may also want to look through your rental agreement and what your landlord has previously agreed to cover.

Finding an Air Vents Cleaning Service

You should hire an air duct cleaning company that is trustworthy, certified, and does not make unproven claims. Protect your health and your home by choosing a reputable business.

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