What is Air Duct Sanitizing & Why is it Important?

Air duct sanitizing includes applying sanitizing or anti-microbial products on the surface of an air duct, typically during cleaning. The application of sanitizing agents kills harmful bacteria and microbes present in the ducts, preventing them from developing and spreading into your air. Most air duct sanitizing services use a topical application, commonly using a fogger or other professional tools to evenly coat the duct surface.

As not all duct cleaning companies include duct sanitization, you should understand the advantages of air duct sanitizing before choosing a service. Trustworthy, professional air duct servicers realize that sanitization may be necessary to effectively clean your ducts and protect them for the future. In this case, finding a professional who uses the appropriate and safe sanitizing products is imperative.

Why Is Sanitizing Air Ducts Important and Necessary?

Air duct sanitizing can be an essential part of the air duct cleaning process, especially in cases of mold growth or vermin infestation. In these cases, performing a general air duct cleaning without additional sanitizing may encourage future regrowth or reinfestation.

Mold spores tend to stick to the inside of air ducts, especially in areas where previous mold growth has occurred. Air duct sanitizing products can kill remaining mold spores and prevent them from regrowing in the affected area.

In cases of vermin infestation, air duct sanitizer can remove the animal scent and territorial traces more effectively than a non-sanitizing air duct cleaning. With traces of the previous infestation removed, future vermin nesting will often be less likely to occur in that same area.

Can I Sanitize My Air Ducts and Is It Safe to Do It Myself?

Air duct sanitizing should only be performed by trained professionals with the correct disinfectant, equipment, and safety precautions. Successful sanitizing often requires fogging or spray application. If done incorrectly or with amateur techniques, the disinfectant may enter your HVAC system or other parts of your home - a potential safety issue for family members or other house residents.

Additionally, duct sanitizing with dangerous or incorrect products can also be unsafe for you and those in your home. A professional technician will perform air duct sanitizing during a scheduled air duct cleaning, ensuring that the appropriate precautions (such as asking residents to leave the property) happen when applying duct sanitizer spray.

For your health and the safety of your family, always leave air duct sanitizing to trusted and trained air duct professionals.

How Much Does an Air Duct Cleaning Service With Sanitization of Air Duct Systems Cost?

Air duct sanitizing cost depends on many factors. A sanitizing service is usually an optional addition to a scheduled air duct cleaning service. In this case, the sanitizing cost is added to the final duct cleaning cost. For more information on duct cleaning costs and what goes into cleaning, feel free to check out Filterbuy’s previous articles on central air duct cleaning.

There may be an occasion to request an air duct sanitizing service without the additional air duct cleaning. The total cost in this instance may depend on the average rates in your area, technician availability, or the company’s willingness to complete a sanitization without additional cleaning. After settling on a potential company, always request an initial consultation to discuss the final cost, sanitizing process, and any possible additional charges.

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What Products Do Professionals Use to Sanitize Air Ducts?

Professionals use several products to sanitize air ducts, ranging in quality, price, and effectiveness. Experienced and knowledgeable companies will understand the risks associated with certain air duct sanitizer products and use safe, natural solutions.

Lower-quality servicers may use potentially harmful disinfectant solutions, such as Ozone, to sanitize your ducts. For this reason, it is important to ask what solution your company uses and do your own research before agreeing to having your ducts sprayed.

Below, we’ve compiled some useful information about the most common air duct sanitizer products and solutions.

Natural Air Duct Sanitizer

Natural air duct sanitizer uses nature-based or botanical ingredients as major disinfectant components. There are a few benefits to these types of sanitizers. For example, many natural sanitizer solutions do not contain the same compounds as other, more corrosive treatments and can therefore be applied safely within the home.

While they are a good choice for those looking to go the more natural route, there are a few downsides to natural air duct sanitizer. Cost, for example, is always a factor to consider when comparing air duct sanitizing solutions. In the case of botanical-based sanitizers, the overall cost to buy can be much higher than other, less-natural options. Many air duct cleaning companies prefer antimicrobial sanitizers, which provide similarly safe and effective applications at a lower rate per gallon.

Air Duct UV Sanitizer

Air duct UV sanitizers are mechanical components that use UV (ultraviolet) light to kill bacteria entering your duct through the air. UV sanitizers kill living particles in your ducts before they become a problem. When used and installed correctly, these UV sanitizers are very effective at killing harmful living particles and safely preventing mold.

Although they are very effective, there are some other things to consider before purchasing a UV air duct sanitizer. Though they do sanitize and kill bacteria, UV sanitizers do nothing to prevent dirt, dust, or other non-living particles from building up in your system. Additionally, they tend to be very expensive to purchase, with whole-house systems costing as much as $800. This price does not include professional installation or future UV bulb replacements.

Air Duct Antimicrobial Sanitizer

Air duct antimicrobial sanitizer is the most widely used disinfectant among air duct cleaning companies. High-quality antimicrobial duct sanitizer sprays are often safe and effective, providing a hospital-grade cleaning in one application. They are also a more affordable option for air duct cleaners, meaning you as the consumer can get good quality disinfection at a more reasonable price.

It is important to note that not all antimicrobial solutions are made the same, and safety varies greatly among different brands, qualities, and ingredients. There are sanitizing solutions on the market that are not meant for air duct application and can be dangerous to in-home residents. These tend to be used by air duct companies looking to offer very cheap options or who do not prioritize client and technician safety. You should always ask what solution a company uses and do your research before allowing them into your home.

How Much Do Professional Air Duct Sanitizer Products Usually Cost?

Professional-grade air duct sanitizer product cost varies greatly depending on the type of products, ingredients, and (in the case of UV sanitizers) whether the installation is necessary. Air duct cleaners may also factor in the cost of equipment, such as a professional solution fogger, with the cost of sanitizing solution when giving you a quote.

Getting up-to-date information on what sanitizer your air duct cleaning company uses is the best way to familiarize yourself with sanitizer costs.

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Seeking an Air Duct Cleaning Professional to Sanitize Your Air Ducts? Click Here to Learn More.

If you are currently seeking an air duct cleaning professional for air duct sanitization, there are steps you can take to ensure you hire a trustworthy, reliable company.

  • Local Online Search - Doing an online search for local air duct cleaning professionals near you is a great way to take stock of your options. Many companies will have a service page that details what they offer, what service includes, and how to get started. Make a list of the businesses you are interested in using this information.
  • Comparing Businesses - After you have a list of potential companies, it is time to do more research into service, price, and rating differences. If a business has many low customer reviews or 1-star ratings, you’ll want to think twice before setting up a consultation. Chances are there is another air duct cleaning company in your area with better reviews and past customer experiences.
  • Setting Up a Consultation - Once you narrow down your options, setting up a phone or in-person consultation is the next step. During this conversation, you will be able to ask questions about the company's pricing, services, and experience. You can also ask here about the type of air duct sanitizer solution used and if the technicians working on your ducts have certifications.

Air duct companies range in experience and quality. In your search for an air duct sanitization provider, always be wary of companies that:

  • Refuse to say what sanitizing products they use
  • Do not agree to a preliminary consultation
  • Do not give you a price estimate or rate
  • Do not use certified air duct technicians

If a company of interest refuses to answer your questions or give specific details about their service, you may want to continue your search. A trustworthy company will be happy to discuss their business with you and talk you through the details.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Air Duct Technicians.

Hiring anyone but a professional to sanitize your ducts is a mistake - not only for your health, but for your wallet. Unprofessional sanitization techniques can release harmful chemicals into your duct system that make their way into the rest of your home. Duct cleaning using unrecommended methods also has the potential to damage your ducts or your entire HVAC system. You may end up paying much more for partial system replacement than hiring a professional duct cleaner.

Only qualified and certified air duct technicians are capable of sanitizing your ducts safely and effectively. Here are a couple of benefits of hiring a trained professional:

  • Deeper cleaning and sanitizing
  • Less chance of particle contamination
  • Reliable air duct knowledge and advice
  • Safe practices and procedure

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