Unfiltered Episode 04: Nicky’s Haircutters

At 18 years old, Nick Valluzo started Nicky’s Haircutters in Bethel, CT. Now, 50 years later, the barbershop is a community staple, providing quality services and meaningful connections.

Fresh out of school, 18-year-old Nick Valluzzo began working with a veteran barber in Bethel, CT. When it was time to retire, that barber offered Nick his business, and Nicky’s Haircutters was born. Now, the iconic shop has been in operation for more than 50 years and has remained a staple in the community by providing quality hair services to men, women, and children.

Over the years, Nick's staff has grown to include family members, including his loving wife, who he met while working at the business, his children, and other longtime employees. For Nick, deciding to work with his family has been the best choice in his life, and the customer connection they foster is an essential part of his business success.

When Nicky's Haircutters shut down for 11 weeks during the Covid-19 pandemic, family and staff found ways to stay in contact with each other. After the shop reopened, they adapted to the new working conditions by accepting appointments only – putting the safety of their customers and staff first. Thanks to their loyal and trusting community, the business stayed supported through the pandemic. Now, Nicky’s Haircutters is back to normal, providing haircuts and beard trimmings while shaking hands, patting backs, and giving hugs.