Aerostar vs FilterBuy Air Filters

While there are plenty of similarities, the differences matter for having air filters work as they should in your home or business.

Filter Materials

FilterBuy focuses exclusively on pleated air filters for a reason - they last longer and result in better air quality by capturing more particles in your home. While you may save money in the short term with fiberglass filters, the longer-term costs of more frequent filter purchases, aggravated health conditions and HVAC system breakdowns make pleated filters a better deal.

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Some sources will note that Aerostar filters will have more pleats per foot than FilterBuy - while that sounds like a positive, it's not. That may sound strange - if pleats can filter and retain more particles, why wouldn't more be better?

You may read in some places that HVAC systems work harder to move air through pleated air filters, because the filter media is less permeable for the air flow moving through the system. This is largely a myth at this point, unless you have an old HVAC system. That said, part of how pleated filters balance filter performance with air flow performance is through not having as many pleats crammed close together. Therefore, having 12 pleats per foot is better for your air flow than 13 pleats per foot, and the impact on filtering your air is minimal, if not negligible.

Finally, some FilterBuy filter sizes are available with odor-eliminating treatments in the filter media, to help cut down on unpleasant odors spreading through your home. For certain sizes, you can select the "Odor Eliminator" option to the far right of the other MERV ratings.

Frame Materials

It's not uncommon for filter frames to skimp on materials for the frame - and it's to the detriment of the longevity of the filter. Cheaper frame materials are prone to erode or break down before its regular replacement schedule - leading to higher filter costs and fewer particles filtered out of the air. This is especially true in higher-humidity or higher-temperature climates, be they indoors or outdoors. Our industrial-grade beverage board frames stay durable up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so your home and your business don't run into these issues.

To further ensure the integrity of the filter structure, FilterBuy's air filters have a dual wire backing for the filter media itself - that structure prevents the pleats from warping and tearing.

Finally, for some industrial-grade HVAC systems, a larger and more robust filter is needed to work properly - while brands like Aerostar only sell standard air filters, our commercial air filters are enclosed in a galvanized steel frame and the media is supported by wire backing as well as plastic fingers to ensure support. This way, the air quality of your business is as clean, if not cleaner than, your home.

Filter Size Options

Getting the right filter size used to be a chore - if you didn't have an HVAC unit or air duct exactly sized like the 5-10 most common sizes sold in stores, you were out of luck. DIY resizing of your air filter will only get you so far, as air flow won't work properly. Direct-to-consumer companies can make a wider variety of sizes - and to Aerostar's credit, they have a wide variety of sizes.

However, there's no denying the value of custom fit - who doesn't want to get the exact right fit every time? That's why FilterBuy developed their custom filter size program - to allow people to build their perfect filter size. Thanks to this program, we can provide thousands of filter size combos without the custom price tag.

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Pack Size

It's not uncommon to see set pack sizes when purchasing filters - however, what happens if you need an odd number of filters? What if your home or business has multiple filter duct sizes to manage? FilterBuy provides custom pack sizes so you can get the exact right amount of all the filter sizes you need.

The Verdict

Those with a myriad of filter size and quantity needs will find the most convenient buying experience for high-quality air filters working with FilterBuy. No matter what features you need, FilterBuy can cover them at a competitive price. Start your shopping experience with us today!