12 Questions to Ask an Air Duct Cleaning Service

Finding a reliable air duct cleaning company is harder than you may think, especially when you account for online misinformation about this service. Some air duct cleaning companies rely on fear tactics or unrealistic promises to make a sale. Other services may look promising, but use improper techniques or untrained professionals. By gathering information before hiring an air duct cleaning professional, you can avoid these problems and find one who is experienced and trustworthy.

At Filterbuy, we want you to feel confident, comfortable, and informed when meeting with an air duct cleaning company. We've created a list of the top questions to ask during your preliminary meeting with an air duct cleaning professional.

Air Duct Cleaning Questions You Should Ask During a Consultation

For many homeowners, knowing what to discuss during an air duct cleaning consultation can be confusing. If you’re deciding on a service, ask these questions during your consultations with air duct cleaning companies.

What Does the Quoted Price Include?

Air duct cleaning companies have different ways of pricing their services. While one company may include all pricing upfront, another may only include a portion of the cost in the quote they give you. To not be caught off guard by hidden fees and unexpected charges, always ask what your quote includes during your consultation.

You should never be afraid to ask how a company prices its services and what you will ultimately owe. Knowing what you are being charged for before service can help you plan for the upcoming investment in a responsible way. Confirming pricing expectations before the cleaning begins will also help ensure a smooth and surprise-free process for both parties.

What Is the Total Price I Will Pay When the Service Is Complete?

If you find that your quote does not include all charges, you should ask what your total ending price will be once all fees are added. Providing the information you give them about your duct situation is accurate, air duct cleaning providers should be able to supply a precise estimate of your complete after-service cost.

If a company refuses to give you pricing information or only wants to talk about pricing after the finished service, it may be time to look into other options. A transparent and reliable pricing process is the mark of a professional, air duct cleaning service provider.

Will My Home and Family Be Safe During the Cleaning Process?

When done correctly and with health in mind, air duct cleaning is a safe and effective process. Professional air duct cleaning companies will have a set of procedures to ensure your home remains clean. Knowing the safety standards of an air duct cleaning company can ensure that your home, family, and valuable belongings are protected during service.

From most experienced air duct cleaning companies, you can expect technicians to use floor and other area covers to catch falling debris from your air ducts. This is especially important if your air duct cleaning involves mold or infestation removal, as it could be dangerous to have those components within your living space.

Is Your Disinfectant Registered With the EPA?

In cases where mold growth or vermin infestations are present within your ducts, an air duct cleaner will use a disinfectant or chemical solution to rid the area of harmful bacteria. These solutions also help prevent re-growth or re-infestation in the future. If the duct cleaner you are interested in uses disinfectant during their process, you should make sure that the solution they use is registered with the EPA.

Note: Not all duct disinfectant solutions are created equal. The EPA registers some biocides with lower research for outdoor sanitation, not for enclosed or indoor environments. It is always important to confirm what products technicians will use on your air ducts and do your research on the proper usage.

Will You Clean My Entire Duct System?

When hiring an air duct technician, confirming what portion of your system they will clean is a great way to weed out inexperienced or non-trustworthy companies. Paying for a full-service duct cleaning means that your entire duct system should receive a professional, high-quality clean. As explained by the EPA:

If you decide to have your heating and cooling system cleaned, it is important to make sure the service provider agrees to clean all components of the system and is qualified to do so. Failure to clean a component of a contaminated system can result in recontamination of the entire system, thus negating any potential benefits.

If the air duct cleaning company does not provide a full-service clean, or they can not guarantee a system-wide clean, you may want to continue searching for a premium air duct cleaning provider.

Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?

Before you let anyone onto your property or into your home, confirm with the duct cleaning service that they are insured. Business liability insurance prevents complications on your end if a technician was to get injured during the cleaning. It also can protect your home and belongings if they are damaged during a cleaning service. This coverage increases the chances that claims filed against a service provider will be properly taken care of and paid out. In all cases, hiring a professionally insured company will allow you to feel more at ease when agreeing to in-home air duct cleanings.

How Long Will the Duct Cleaning Service Take?

How long the duct cleaning service will take depends on the duct system, company, and current duct state. Duct cleaning can take longer if it involves severe mold growth, infestations, or nesting. In these cases, providers often ask homeowners to leave the residence during the cleaning for safety reasons.

Generally, you can expect most general air duct cleanings to last 2-5 hours for full-service, proper cleaning. With this in mind, getting an estimated cleaning time during your consultation can help you plan around the service and find a place to go during the cleaning process.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Knowing exactly how long a cleaning service or, at very least, how much experience their technicians have on the job can ensure you’re hiring a reputable company. Trustworthy air vents cleaning services will have a record of past jobs and will let you know how long they’ve been operating. They will also have trained and experienced technicians who can explain the air ducts cleaning process to you and are comfortable with providing your service.

With this in mind, even if a company has a long record of service, you should still do your research on their background. If they have several complaints lodged against them or very low online ratings, you will want to find another experienced company with more satisfied clients.

What Is Your Duct Cleaning Process?

Any air vents cleaning service worth the money will be able to explain their process upfront during your consultation. There are several cleaning techniques that most air duct cleaning companies have in common, such as brushing and vacuuming the vent. However, the exact duct cleaning process is reliant upon the company.

In asking how they will clean your dirty air ducts, you gain valuable information about the service, what products they will use on your ducts, and how detailed the cleaning will be. This will also allow you to do your own research on duct cleaning, to ensure the company you are considering is following the basic best practices.

What Equipment Do Your Technicians Use?

After discussing the ac duct cleaning process, you should ask what equipment the technicians will use to clean your duct system. You can usually expect a technician to use types of duct brushes, vacuum collection devices, and disinfectant foggers. These tools are significantly more powerful and expensive than your average household counterparts.

A reputable company will also provide their technicians with drop clothes to maintain living area cleanliness and protect your floors from falling debris. PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure technicians' safety is another sign that the company you’re interested in is trustworthy.

Are All of Your Duct Cleaning Technicians Licensed?

Confirming whether all of a company's technicians are licensed, properly trained, and possess relevant on-the-job experience ensures you are getting professional-quality service. Though duct cleaning may seem straightforward, improper techniques by amateur or untrained technicians can damage your system. Not to mention, there is a much greater risk of contaminants making their way into your home when your technician is under experienced or unfamiliar with standard debris collection procedures.

While many states require air duct cleaning licenses for businesses and technicians, some do not require any specific certifications. That said, a trustworthy company will only have trained technicians with duct experience on staff. You should feel confident that you, your indoor air quality, and your overall home safety are in capable hands.

Will You Allow Me a Visual Inspection Once the Duct Cleaning Is Fully Completed?

As a homeowner, the best way to see if your dirty air ducts were, in fact, thoroughly cleaned is by requesting a visual inspection after your technician finishes. Reputable companies should allow you to look at their handiwork before they leave the premises. In looking over the ducts yourself, you should be able to tell if they were tended to properly. Cleaned ducts should look free of obvious debris, dirt, and grime.

If you look at the vents and they are still unclean or have significant build-up still clearly visible, let your air ducts cleaning provider know about the situation. You may also want to take photos of the vents so that your cleaning company can see the duct’s state themselves. In this case, they may offer another cleaning or talk with you about other options.

Scheduling a Consultation With a Professional

Scheduling a preliminary consultation with an air duct cleaning service is an excellent way to get to know the company you’re hiring. When asking the right questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of their process, prices, and standards.

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