QWhen will my order ship?
AWe aim to ship all of our wholesale orders in 48 hours or less with the vast majority of standard orders being shipped within 24 business hours.
QWhat payment methods do you offer?
AWe accept both credit cards and 30-day credit terms for qualified buyers. Your method of payment does not affect your pricing. Simply go to our sign-up page and specify your preferred method of payment. We reserve the right to refuse or limit credit terms in cases where we cannot confirm a qualified credit history.
QWho is your credit card processor?
AWe process all payments securely through stripe.com.
QWhy should we do business with you?
AWe built our business from the ground up with efficiency in mind. We have invested heavily in our technological infrastructure to provide you the quickest, seamless, most cost effective solution to buying air filtration products on the planet. We allow you to minimize your inventory cost by shipping most orders within 24 hours (and for the majority of our products we offer a 3 day guarantee). Most other companies are a minimum of a two-week lead-time, often times even longer in reality. We also are the direct manufacturer of the vast majority of products that we sell. There are no other middlemen involved. Did we mention that we make ordering our products as easy as clicking a couple of buttons? You and your employees will save countless hours in back and forth phone calls. You place an order on our site and your order, big or small, arrives as promised. Quick and seamless.
QWhy air filtration – isn’t it just a commodity product?
AThe vast majority of the products that we sell are relatively low dollar value but take up a lot of space. The warehouse space necessary to stock a meaningful amount of filtration products can get expensive quickly (whether outright or opportunity cost) and transportation is one of the biggest portions of the product cost. What this boils down to is that every time a product that goes to an end user is touched or stored for a meaningful amount of time, the cost of the end product goes up meaningfully. We are offering you direct, just in time access to the largest selection of filtration products on the planet, direct from the manufacturer. Our efficiency savings allow us to pass these savings to you, our customer. Did we mention that we are a technology and logistics company at our core? Our operating infrastructure is unparalleled within the filtration industry.
QWhere are your products manufactured?
AThe products at the core of our business are 100% made in the USA, components and all, by an American workforce. If we ever stock a third party OEM product (which we do to service our customers from time to time) we will clearly state the origin of that product so that you and your customers can take that into account when making a buying decision.
QWhat kind of selection of filtration products do you offer?
AOur selection is unparalleled, and constantly growing. We aim to be both the first and last stop for all of your air filtration products, whether for typical residential use or heavy-duty industrial needs. If you have a specific need that we are not currently servicing, we would love to work with you to see how we can help. We are filtration experts and can almost always work with you to provide the service that you need.
QWhat is your mission?
AWe believe in giving back to both our Country and society as a whole. Too many companies have lost sight of their overall purpose and quite frankly use excuses to move manufacturing to lower cost destinations Our products are made 100% here in the USA, primarily by a disabled workforce. Through a partnership with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) we have contracted to pay a fair market wage to a disabled workforce that would otherwise be without a When you buy our products, you are directly contributing to the employment of an American workforce that would otherwise not have an opportunity to work and would otherwise rely solely on Government assistance. We will be sharing more about our mission in the days and months to come.