Are cheaper air filters better?

The short answer: No, cheaper filters are not better based on cost alone.

The long answer:

The price of an air filter is less about what’s better and more about how it's built and what it can offer. The main way various price points differ is by the number of pleats. Most often, the more a filter costs, the more pleats it has. So, what does that mean for your home? More pleats mean greater surface area, which allows the filter to last longer and capture more air particles.

A cheaper filter will filter your air, but it will last a fraction of the time a more expensive filter will, leading to you spending more money overall. Additionally, filters that cost more are built with higher-quality materials that will filter more particles from your air.

When considering the right type of filter for your space, think of it less in terms of cost and more in terms of the quality and efficiency you’re getting. The benefit of a quality filter will make your space a better place to enjoy.