Unfiltered Episode 02: Vision Print Solutions

Mike started Vision Print Solutions in 1987 in Lilburn, GA. Running a printing press can be a dirty business in more ways than one. Here is Mike’s Unfiltered story.

Mike Roberts met his wife, Sherrie, at college, after meeting on a chance phone call. Over 45 years later, Mike and Sherrie are still going strong - and so is Mike’s business Vision Print Solutions in Lilburn, GA.

In 1973, Mike looked for an after-college job during a job recession. After being contacted by a recruiter, he started in a printing company in the Atlanta area. Sales had always been familiar to Mike, who sold candy as a child and bibles door to door in college. By meeting, helping, and getting to know people, he transitioned into the new role. His respect for his customers and passion for building long-term relationships allowed him to thrive in the printing business.

Eventually, two of his coworkers suggested purchasing a press and starting their own business. Mike agreed, and in 1987, Vision Print Solutions was born. The business slowly grew to where it is today, with the three founders becoming partners and involving family members in the company.

When the pandemic happened, Vision Print Solutions was an essential business due to their government services. They continued to work on projects and support their customer base during Covid-19. As of today, they are still cleaning and sanitizing their headquarters, taking care of their employees, and ensuring they have clean air with air filters.