Troubleshoot your Furnace Yourself and Save Money

When the furnace starts to act up, don’t reach for your wallet – instead, take note of the following tips for self-diagnosing your forced air furnace system. It might be easier than you think!Ready, set…. and there’s absolutely no heat coming from the floor registers around the house. The temperatures are dropping and the house ... Read more »

Best Pellet Stoves for the Optimal Efficiency and Performance

More and more homeowners are switching to wood pellet stoves for home heat these days – but which ones are the best for your particular application?Man has burned wood for thousands of years to provide both reliable, consistent warmth and a sense of security and safety. A crackling fire creates a serene environment that lulls ... Read more »

Furnace Maintenance Tips for DIYers

Keep your furnace maintained and you’ll see dramatically improved, efficient heating of your home or building. If you are a DIY’er you’ll want to pay attention to the following tips.The furnace is a mechanical unit located inside of a home or building that is responsible for heating the structure to a comfortable temperature. When the ... Read more »