Indoor Air Pollution

FilterBuy, the leading provider of air filters with 100's of filter sizes including 12x24x1, 14x18x1, 20x25x2, and 16x25x4 air filters, examines the potential dangers of indoor air pollution in this insightful new infographic.

Now you can breathe deeply – everything you need to know about indoor air pollution is here! The following infographic is designed to help shed light on some of the most prevalent contributors to indoor air pollution. With indoor air pollution causing nearly 8% of worldwide mortalities in 2012, you’d think that we’d compulsively change our furnace filters each month, minimize dangerous household chemicals, and even take a closer look at some of the pathogens that exist in items as benign as makeup and beauty products. We’re making strides as a group – but more needs to be done. Read on to blow the dust off some of the lesser known facts about indoor air pollution.