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14 Most Common Home AC Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Two people sitting in sofa and looking at air conditioner

By David Heacock

We understand you want to take care of your AC system the best you can. That means doing what you can to prevent the most common air conditioner problems from happening in the first place. But no matter how careful you are, home AC problems can still occur. When they do, diagnosing home AC problems and getting them corrected as soon as possible is extremely important, so it doesn't cause a chain reaction of more costly issues.

For your comfort and safety, as well as the safety of your air conditioning system, we've created this summary outlining the most common home AC problems and how to fix home AC problems before calling a professional.

Diagnosing and Fixing Common Home AC Problems:

Air conditioner problems can happen to any system, even new ones, if they aren't installed or maintained properly. So keep an eye out for these warning signs if you're diagnosing home AC problems.

Find your Common AC Problem by clicking below:

Home AC Problem #1 – Air Conditioners are Constantly Running

Home AC Problem #2 - AC Unit Doesn't Turn On

Home AC Problem #3 - Air Flows But Doesn't Seem "Conditioned"

Home AC Problem #4 - AC Is Blowing Hot Air

Home AC Problem #5 - AC Unit is Stopping and Starting Constantly

Home AC Problem #6 - AC Unit is Tripping Circuit Breaker

Home AC Problem #7 - Central Air Smells Off or Bad

Home AC Problem #8 - AC Unit is Causing a Water Leak from Air Vents

Home AC Problem #9 - Water is Leaking From AC Condenser Outlet on Exterior of House

Home AC Problem #10 - Air Box Fan Isn't Turning On

Home AC Problem #11 - Dust Gathers Quickly on Surface

Home AC Problem #12 - Air Blows Especially Cold in One Room of THE House

Home AC Problem #13 - Blown Air Smells Like Its Burning

Home AC Problem #14 - Huge Increase in Monthly Energy Bill