Unfiltered Episode 03: On My Way Daycare

Shelly started On My Way Daycare as a safe space for children to learn and grow. Running a small business was never easy, but then the Pandemic hit. Here is their Unfiltered story.

Shelly Bailey started in childcare after opening her own in-home daycare business in 1993. In July 2017, she opened On My Way Daycare in Roy, Utah - eventually adding a second location in Clinton, Utah, in 2021.

When Covid hit, Shelly and the daycare staff found ways to work with the new safety protocols. They kept their children safe by reducing classroom size and the number of people allowed in the building.

Despite a few setbacks, the On My Way staff pushed forwards, regularly sanitizing, obtaining air filters for clean air, and supporting each other throughout the tough times. Shelly also applied for grants, which allowed them to update the center and enact thorough safety measures. Through their hard work, On My Way Daycare became one of the few daycare centers in the area to stay consistently open during COVID-19.

Shelly ensures that her business has a positive impact on children's lives. She and her staff do whatever they can for those in their centers, helping them throughout the day and showing them unconditional love and support. Because of the staff's dedication and compassion, On My Way Daycare continues to grow and make a difference in the Roy and Clinton communities.