Unfiltered Episode 08 - The Museum of Human Achievement

The Museum of Human Achievement, or MoHA, is one of the last remaining affordable creative arts and performance spaces in Austin, Texas. Situated in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in America’s fastest growing city, this unmarked warehouse is home to an international assortment of artists, academics, and creatives.

Through the genuine belief that kindness and joy can bring people together, MoHA has created a vast network of volunteers, performers, artists, and musicians who regularly cycle through this nonprofit organization, delivering some of the most unique works of creative expression in the region. Without the use of social media or advertising in any way, MoHA is proof that the key to sustaining an idea is through word of mouth, and delivering on the promise of inclusivity.

Follow us as we spend a week with the MoHA staff as they prepare for their annual Christmas performance! This year, we were lucky enough to watch a parody of the holiday classic “The Shining,” or, as the musical is called, “The Shabooming.”