Unfiltered Episode 06: Heartfelt Studios

In early 2020, Vinny Purtle took a leap, leaving his full-time salaried job to start a yoga studio, unaware of the pandemic that was right around the corner. Realizing the lack of diversity and representation across the yoga community in Columbus, Ohio, Vinny dropped everything to prove that there can be a safe space for anyone and everyone with a desire to exercise and be healthy.

Now, over two years later, Vinny has expanded his business to include a separate cycling and pole dancing studio. Heartfelt, which is described more as a movement than a gym, is the essence of Vinny’s vision. Through these three studios, Vinny has built a thriving and vibrant community where people of all body types, cultural backgrounds, and gender identities can feel safe and proud to workout with a close knit, supportive group of individuals.

Overcoming unimaginable barriers, powering through a pandemic, and expanding from one to three separate studios in just under three years is not for the faint of heart, but for those determined to succeed. When words are put into action, amazing things can happen. And nowhere is that more visible than Heartfelt Studios.