Unfiltered Episode 05: Encore Senior Community

Growing up with five generations of living family members, Corey Gatte knows what it takes to build a safe and comfortable community for the employees and residents of Encore Senior Living in Crowley, Louisiana.

Corey Gatte and his staff work hard to create a comfortable, lively environment for their residents at Encore Senior Community in Crowley, Louisiana. With a focus on familiarity, consistency, and a collection of dedicated and lifelong employees, Encore is a unique experience entirely its own.

With a staff of affectionate and caring employees, there are many reasons the residents of Encore seem so happy - they feel at home. Through unique events such as crawfish boils to summer reading series at the local library, Corey and his staff are constantly looking for new ways to keep their residents active in the community.

Above all, it comes down to consistency of care. With some staff members reaching upwards of 25 years at Encore, the residents receive a type of familial attention that can only be given by those who truly love what they do.