Unfiltered Episode 01: Dacula Family Sports

Stacey and Bobby opened Dacula Family Sports in Dacula, GA, to serve as a community gathering place. Now, it's a family-run business where students come back to teach the next generation. Everyone has an Unfiltered story.

When Bobby and Stacey Stone founded Dacula Family Sports in Dacula, GA, they intended it to be a youth martial arts facility. They soon expanded the business into a multi-sports facility, providing a range of activities that the whole family could enjoy.

Now 18 years later, that passion for family inclusivity is at the heart of their business. The facility's members have a saying, "those who train and teach together become family." That statement stands especially true for their current staff members, many of which trained at Dacula Family Sports when they were children. In creating a family-friendly environment, Bobby and Stacey make sure all of their students feel safe and supported.

When Covid hit, Bobby and Stacey knew they would need to take a proactive approach to keep their community safe. They took action, creating new safety initiatives and rearranging their indoor gym. Sanitizing became a part of their daily routine. They even invested in a high-quality air filter service to ensure their gym had clean air.

Now, Dacula Family Sports is back and better than ever. Participation and general class size have increased to over pre-Covid numbers, and the Dacula community continues to grow. Bobby and Stacey are excited about the future of their small business.