Actionable Hacks for Marketing Your Startup on Twitter

When it comes to having a successful startup business, one of the most important things you can do for your company is to develop an expert online presence. Whether you are in the world of HVAC or any other startup business, a successful customer base can be built by focusing marketing strategies on social media sites such as Twitter. Here are a few hacks and tips to promote your business successfully on Twitter.

Offer Free Products

One of the most effective strategies for marketing on Twitter is free samples and products. A casual browser can become a loyal customer if they can be persuaded to try the product just once. You can try targeting specific audiences as well. A concerned mother who is looking for filters to help with her children’s allergies will be attracted by ads that specifically try to appeal to her.

Use Lead Generation Cards

Lead generation cards minimize the amount of clicks that a customer must go through to sign up for a mailing list. Because it requires very little effort, a customer is much more likely to go through with the process. Studies have found that these cards are even more effective when the clickable link is paired with a specific offer. For instance, you could offer a free air filter product for anyone that signs up for the email list. As an added bonus, lead generation cards are easy for commercial users to set up.

Interact With and Follow Related Users

One of the most useful things about Twitter is its ability to network similar individuals. When promoting your new startup on Twitter, one of the best things you can do right away is to search Twitter for other HVAC-related companies and customers. Once you have found a few prospects, begin following them, and suggest that they follow you as well. Building your network (and maintaining engagement) will be like building a fortress around your new startup.

Join a Related Twitter Chat

Another great way to boost your presence on Twitter is to find a Twitter Chat that is related to your startup. Always remember that members of these chats are there to share ideas and opinions, not to be advertised to, so let your presence be informative and interesting. Gather interest in your business through intelligent discourse rather than blatant advertisement.

Use Photo Cards and IFTTT

Research has shown that users are far more likely to click on and share a tweet if it includes a photo. IFTTT is a useful way to post your Instagram photos to Twitter so that they appear effectively in your followers’ timelines. This is one of the only ways to successfully post Instagram photos on Twitter. In addition, photo cards are a great Twitter hack that can help you connect to other social media sites that may generate more interest for you, such as Instagram or Flickr. These cards allow the picture to speak for itself, and will often link the browser directly to one of these other sites. Photo cards and IFTTT are two ideal tools for you to use, especially if your HVAC business is initiating a highly visual marketing strategy.

Have a Consistent Twitter Presence

Consistency on Twitter is more than just tweeting multiple times per day (although this is also extremely helpful). It is also largely about creating a consistent tone. Decide early on how you want your startup to be viewed. Think about your business and your customers, and decide on an angle and an online personality. Do you want to be casual, funny, serious, or straightforward? Once you have a feel for how you want your business to appear online, stick to that angle. After you have done this, do not be afraid to post the same information multiple times. The unique format of Twitter means that people will be paying attention at different times of the day and might miss your first (or second, or third) tweet.

Having a strong presence on Twitter for your HVAC startup is one of the best things you can do for your fledgling business. Investing time and energy in advertising and networking well will have large payoffs later on. Use these hacks and tips to get your Twitter profile rolling, and your business success will not be far behind!