Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Allergy Free

Make Your Bathroom Clean And Allergy FreeFew people would want a nosy neighbor to stop by and smell their toilet, as in the commercials of old, but having a squeaky clean bathroom that is both sanitary and allergy free is very important. In the past, achieving a high level of cleanliness often meant using chemical-laden products that can trigger allergies, but now a combination of green products, diligence, and common sense can help a bathroom meet both standards.

Bathroom Dust And Mold Collectors

Since your bathroom is filled with hard, shiny surfaces, there is little risk of the dust mites that make a home in carpeted rooms. There are four main dust collectors in bathrooms, however: rugs, curtains, towels, and shower curtains. These common bathroom accessories can also become damp and house mold and other germs that can trigger allergies.

  • If you are still in the 70s and have carpeting in your bathroom, get rid of it and replace it with rugs that you can wash regularly.

  • Make sure to vacuum and wash curtains often, including your outer fabric shower curtain. As for shower curtain liners, either purchase the antifungal type, or wash them once a month.

  • Wash bath towels and washcloths frequently in hot water.

Eliminate Sources Of Mold

Water is crucial to a large percentage of activities that occur in the bathroom. Even when you're done showering or using the toilet, a residue of water remains to harbor mold.

  • To reduce the amount of steam buildup, turn on the exhaust fan.

  • Don't leave wet towels, rugs, and clothes in a pile to develop mold.

  • Close the toilet when flushing to prevent a subtle spray of water from the bowl.

  • Paint your bathroom to avoid the potential of mold growing underneath wallpaper.

  • Frequently clean your sink, counter, and toothbrush holders to rid them of mold and crud.

  • Don't let magazines and newspapers pile up in the bathroom. These paper products absorb the moisture and provide a housing place for mold between the pages.

Watch What You Use And Store In Your Bathroom

The chemicals used in bathroom cleaning products, cosmetics, and paper products can provoke allergies.

  • Many bathroom cleaning products contain bleach, the classic mold and mildew killer. You may still need to use a bleach-based product for this, but make sure to use a mask and gloves to avoid respiratory or skin allergic reactions. Once the area is free of mold, replace your toxic chemicals with soap and baking soda-based, or other natural, products.

  • Strange as it seems, toilet tissue and facial tissues may contain allergy irritants, especially if they contain lotion for softness. If you suffer from allergies or suddenly develop them, read the label on the product. Most paper products are bleached, which forms potentially cancer-causing dioxins that remain in the finished product. Others contain genetically modified ingredients such as soybean oil, isopropyl palmitate, and other chemicals that can aggravate you.

  • Formaldehyde, an allergy trigger for many people, is found in products such as deodorant, hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, nail hardeners, skin cleaners, and waterless hand cleaners. If you are sensitive, read the labels, check out unfamiliar content names on the internet, and consider alternative products. Many ingredients such as quaternium 15, imidazoline urea, and diazolidinyl urea are formaldehyde-based.

  • Many great-smelling bath and beauty products contain fragrances and dyes that trigger allergies. Aim for fragrance and dye free products if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

In your quest to keep your bathroom from being a source of allergens, you can alter your buying and usage habits of both cleaning and beauty products, and develop a regular schedule for cleaning the bathroom and the accessories found there. If you notice your allergies are flaring up, read product labels and see if any items in your bathroom are causing your problems.

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