Quick Cleaning Tips For College Dorm Rooms

20 minute cleanupAs a college student, you may put cleaning at the bottom of the list of what's important. You have a busy world of studying, writing papers, meeting people, and finding yourself. As a token gesture to mom, and common decency, you and your roommate could set up a chore schedule to make sure that the common areas are attended to. But what happens when the room is a disaster, and you get word of a surprise visit from the parents? Or what if you want to have a special friend over? A 15 or 20 minute cleanup is just the ticket.

Six Steps To A Quick Cleaning Job

What you can do in 15 minutes may not win any Martha Stewart awards, but will add an aura of tidiness and order to your room. It doesn't matter whose turn it is to do chores; your honor is on the line, so dig in. Here is what to do to prepare for a surprise visit:

Make your bed. Since the bed may be the biggest thing in your room, it will call attention to itself if it is unmade. With a little more time, you might want to change the sheets.

De-trash the room. Make a quick dumpster run with old beer cans, pizza boxes, newspapers, junk mail, and crumpled paper.

Hide the laundry. Make sure all the dirty clothes are in a hamper or clothes basket that you can put out of site. Put the clean laundry away. If you find that your dirty laundry stinks, make a mental note to wash more frequently in the future. Short-term, spray your laundry bag with a fabric refresher like Febreeze.

Sweep the floor. If you have minimal time, just hit what is visible with a broom or vacuum. If you have dried spots of whatever on your kitchen or bathroom floor, spray it with some al-purpose cleaner and wipe away the spot.

Clean the bathroom. Brushing the toilet and cleaning the sinks are the very least you can do. Spend more time here if you can.

Give hard surfaces a quick wipe. Whether you just have a desk and dresser, or a kitchenette, spray down the counter and stove with cleaner, and paper-towel the dirt away.

Tips For Clean Air

A blog about air filters wouldn't be complete without some tips for clean indoor air! While the HVAC maintenance in a dorm building will be covered by the maintenance crew, there are some small steps you can take to make your room air cleaner.

Having a vacuum cleaner on hand will make cleanup easy, but it can also make a big difference in the quality of your indoor air is you use one with a HEPA filter to capture allergens. Since you're a struggling college student, you don't need a $500 Dyson to do the job; many great brands go for a more affordable price.

If you notice that the air quality is poor in your room, you might consider investing in a small air purifier system. This is especially important if you have allergies, or roommates who smoke. Affordable, portable air purifiers can be found for less than $100 at Walmart, Overstock, or Amazon.

Once the room is a bit more presentable, you might find yourself wanting to keep your space neater all the time. Many people find that it is easier to think, and be productive, in a cleaner space. You don't have to become Mr. Clean, but you can make a conscious effort to prevent your temporary home from becoming a cluttered, dirty mess.