Is Your HVAC Ready For Summer?

11967481_sAs the mercury rises, many families turn to air conditioners for relief from the heat. Unfortunately, even the most reliable unit can fail if it is not properly cared for, freezing up at the worst possible time of year. Make sure your HVAC is summer-ready with these tips.

Clogged & Worn Out Air Filters

According to the Department of Energy, clogged air filters can result in electric bills that are up to 15% higher than they would be otherwise. Clogged air filters can also result in damage to the HVAC unit, poor indoor air quality and even house fires.

Pollen can easily clog an air filter. During the months of spring, moderate temperatures make it easy to forget about HVAC units. Left unused, many HVAC units collect significant levels of pollen, making it impossible for them to operate efficiently. During seasons with heavier than normal pollen counts, localized forest fires or other sources of airborne debris, it will be necessary to replace air filters more frequently.

Heavy usage can take its toll on even the sturdiest and well-cared for HVAC unit. Over time, air filters that aren't changed simply wear out. The material used to filter out particulates loses its effectiveness, allowing larger particles of dust, dirt and debris into your house. Filters that have become torn or worn out should be replaced immediately to prevent system problems.

The Fix: Mark your calendar for when you need to check the filter! This simple task is one of the most overlooked and ignored responsibilities of the average homeowner. Save time and money by ordering air filters in bulk or scheduling recurring deliveries. Having replacement air filters on-hand makes changing your air filter a simple, money-saving task.

Dirty Vents & Coils

To function properly, your HVAC unit should be regularly inspected for accumulated dirt or debris on the vents and coils. Dirty vents increase the flow of dirt into the air filters, reducing their efficiency.

The Fix: Once a month, use the brush attachment on your vacuum and clean all the intake vents in your home.

Dirty coils interfere with the temperature transfer that helps keep your home cool on those hot summer days, and accumulated dust on the coils can cause the system to freeze up and stop working altogether.

The Fix: As noted above, regularly replace filters and clean the vents to prevent dust accumulation on the coils. Also, schedule regular professional maintenance to have the coils cleaned and the system inspected.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Even the most dedicated homeowner can only do so much by regularly changing the air filter. There are other aspects of an HVAC unit that must be inspected and maintained by a professional.

The Fix: Start each summer season with a regular service call. HVAC professionals are familiar with the unique characteristics of various brands and they have the skills and equipment needed to correct many common HVAC problems before a unit is permanently damaged.

Your HVAC technician should conduct a thorough inspection of your unit that may include the following:

• Clean coils, blower and check filter
• Check drain for leaks or clogs
• Check electrical connections
• Check refrigerant levels and replenish
• Check on/off operation
• Check thermostat accuracy
• Note any potential problems and proposed solution

Get your HVAC ready for the summer with professional and DIY preventative maintenance. These simple tips ensure your system is functioning as efficiently as possible, while protecting your family's health and saving you money on electricity and repair bills.

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