Innovative Ways To Clean For When You Don't Want To Clean

Innovative Cleaning Tips For When You Don't Want To CleanSome people love to clean, and some don't. If you are not among the group of people who feel that cleaning is not only necessary but also great therapy, there are innovative ways you can maintain your home without it being an overwhelming, life-sucking task. Technology and some time-saving routines can be your friend in making the process easier.

Create Fun Routines

  • One way to make the process manageable is by developing a routine. You might try picking a room to focus on each day, cleaning in five or 10 minute intervals that hit the most disgusting spots first, or having a quick cleaning routine for the whole house. When it's time to do more thorough cleaning, you will be able to get right at it rather than having to do basics that haven't been cleaned for months.

  • Clean up messes quickly. Dried-on spills on the range, floor, or counter are harder to clean than fresh ones, so wipe them up immediately. Keep cleaning essentials such as disposable wipes, microfiber cleaning cloths, and dusters in each room for easy access. Even having a toilet brush and cleaner in every bathroom will make it easier to tend to the bowl.

  • Try a few tricks to keep dust in check. Lightly spray your broom bristles with furniture polish to prevent flying dust. Brush your lampshades with a dryer sheet. To make dusting shelves where you display figurines and knickknacks easy, affix museum putty to the bottom to keep them in place so you can dust around them without moving them. Consider displaying dust collectors in glass-fronted cabinets.

  • Make organizing easier by having less to organize. As you come across clothing, CDs, books, and other items you no longer want or use, put it in your donation bag or box. Try a more minimalist approach to displaying items on shelves and counters by putting everything away and then just putting back just what you really need to have out all the time.

"Automate" The Tasks

  • Don't be afraid to use technology. Cordless stick vacuums in every room or level of your house offer easy access to cleaning tools while robotic vacuums and floor washers make cleaning even easier. Consider appliances that do more than one function, such as the new steam cleaners that vacuum first before cleaning. Attach an automatic shower cleaner in your tub and shower. Use a duster with a long-handle to get at corners and fan blades.

  • Attack odors the easy way. Pull out the fabric refresher to zap the odors that upholstered furniture accumulate. Set out bowls of white vinegar to soak up kitchen or laundry room odors and sprinkle baking soda on the carpet to absorb smells. Baking soda is also a miracle product around your toilet. Clean the area nearby with an enzyme cleaner and cover with baking soda; when you sweep it up the next day, the odors will be gone.

  • Make spray products your friend. Whether you are cleaning your oven, tile on your kitchen backsplash or in your bathroom, or your kitchen counters, there is a spray product to do the trick. Just spray on the appropriate products and let them do their job for a few minutes before you wipe them away. One caution: don't leave furniture polish on too long, lest it soften the finish.

Are you the type of person who avoids cleaning because you either think it is boring or not a good use of your time and creativity? Spicing up the process might make it more of an interesting challenge for you. Since you have to clean your house, you might as well enjoy it!

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