Sears Kenmore 14804 & Honeywell HAC-500 Humidifier Filter Pad

Sears Kenmore 14804 & Honeywell HAC-500 Humidifier Filter Pad

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This filter is manufactured by FilterBuy to replace Sears Kenmore 14804 humidifier filter pads.

Specifically, this filter pad works in the following Sears Kenmore Units: Sears Kenmore 14121, Sears Kenmore 14803, & Sears Kenmore 14804.

This filter pad can also be used in a variety of Duracraft, Honeywell, and Hunter humidifiers (full list below).

This is a premium humidifier filter designed by FilterBuy in the USA for maximum water absorption ability to allow for increased humidity output.

Be sure to replace your humidifier filter every 3 months for optimum performance, based on water quality and usage. With a fresh new humidifier filter, hard water minerals like lime and calcium are limited with their ability to absorb water. This Kenmore filter absorbs more water for increased humidity output.

Humidifier FilterBuy: Breathe Better!

FilterBuy Replacement for the following OEM part numbers:

Designed to be used in the following models:
Duracraft 8000
Duracraft 8002
Duracraft 8003
Duracraft 8004
Duracraft 8005
Duracraft AC-818
Duracraft DH-4C
Duracraft DH-8000
Duracraft DH-8002
Duracraft DH-8003
Duracraft DH-8004
Duracraft DH-8005
Duracraft DH-813
Duracraft DH-83
Duracraft DH4C
Duracraft DH8000
Duracraft DH8002
Duracraft DH8003
Duracraft DH8004
Duracraft DH8005
Duracraft DH813
Duracraft DH83
Honeywell HCM-3000
Honeywell HCM-3003
Hunter 31913
Hunter 31915
Hunter 32300
Hunter 32500
Hunter 34500
Sears Kenmore 14121
Sears Kenmore 14803
Sears Kenmore 14804
White-Westinghouse WWH8002
White-Westinghouse WWHM-8002

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