HDC-1 Emerson Humidifier Filter (2 Pack)

HDC-1 Emerson Humidifier Filter (2 Pack)

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  Save money with this economic two-pack. The HDC-1 filter is compatible with the following Emerson humidifier models: HD07W, HD07W1, HD07WI, HD08WV, HD08W, HD08W0, HD08WV0, HD08W1, HD10W, HD10W2, HD12WV, HD12W, HD12W0, HD12W1, HD12WO, HD12WU0, HD12WV0, HD12WV0, HD12WV0C, HD13W, HD13W0, HD13W1, HD14W, HD14W1, HD15U, HD15W, HD15W0, HD6000, HD50000, HD60000, HD60001, HD6002, HD60002, HD8000, HD8001, HD80010, and HDW12V0. The HDC-1 replacement is a dependable, high quality filter. It features a unique rigid structure for enhanced durability and long life. It also boasts highly effective antimicrobial properties for the prevention of mold, algae, and bacterial contamination. We recommend replacing this filter  two times per season. Approximate dimensions of each filter are 6 1/2″ x 11″ x 4 1/2″.

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