Dehumidifiers are Invaluable for Improving Indoor Air Quality - We Rate the Best

Nothing feels better than cool, crisp indoor air – so take advantage of the latest technology in small and affordable dehumidifiers to create the ideal indoor living environment.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established that an indoor humidity level of between 30%-60% is ideal for minimizing mold growth and inhibiting the creation of pathogens that can trigger respiratory issues like asthma and allergies. While many of us pay close attention to important air quality management activities like changing furnace filters frequently, vacuuming several times per week, and monitoring for dangerous gases like carbon monoxide or radon, there is another consideration to make – the humidity levels in the home.

While some residents of the American Southwest may scoff at the idea of having to reduce humidity levels in a basement or living space, the vast majority of the nation has to contend with excessive moisture in the home during a substantial part of the year. The following list outlines several humidifier options for your home that each promise to do one thing – reduce the amount of moisture in the air. Some can capture as much as 100 pints of water per day, which equates to a reduction of nearly 13 gallons of water taken out of the home every 24 hours. Read on to find out which humidifier will help you to create comfortable living conditions in your home:

Portable or Standalone Units

Some of the finest portable dehumidifiers on the market today are produced by legendary appliance maker Frigidaire. Users can choose from either 50 or 70 pint units that are ideally suited for residences of up to 1,400 square feet. As indicated by each unit, once the maximum capacity is reached the humidifiers will turn off and will not restart until the water collection bins are emptied. The 70-pint unit, model # FAD704DUD, has been universally praised for its quiet operation and generous capacity. Plus, it is available at the low suggested retail price of just $250. The 50-pint unit, model # FAD504DUD, offers many of the same features as the larger unit but takes up less overall space. At a retail price of just $200, it represents an incredible bargain.

Larger Units

If you are looking to dehumidify a larger area or need a much bigger capacity in terms of the water holding tank, consider one of the versatile and highly efficient units from Santa Fe. The Advance2 is a highly regarded machine that can dehumidify up to 2,200 square feet of living area, crawl space, basement, or any location that needs a reduction in humidity. With a 90-pint tank capacity, this $1350 machine is expensive, but many experts consider it well worth the money. If you have an even bigger space you can opt for the Santa Fe Classic. This unit costs $1,600 but has the ability to dehumidify up to 3,000 square feet and remove up to 110 pints of water from the air during each 24-hour period.

Small Space Dehumidifiers

Consider these as the larger, more capable version of those “do not eat” desiccant packs that adorn new shoes, furniture, and other moisture sensitive items. Bathrooms are notorious for high humidity levels and mold can grow quite quickly. For bathrooms, closets, and other small spaces, consider a miniature dehumidifier from Eva-Dry. The E-333 has a 6-ounce capacity that generally dictates a 20-30 day lifespan. Then, simply dry out the unit and it will be ready to start working again! At approximately $25 these units are incredibly effective and highly affordable.

Dehumidifying a home is an integral part of ensuring cool, clean, and healthy indoor air. Whether you need to reduce the moisture content in a small room, a basement, or the entire house, there is a dehumidifier on the market today that will meet your budget and your performance needs. As always, ensure that you keep your new dehumidifier is working at peak efficiency by replacing any necessary filters at the manufacturer’s specified intervals.