Deep Clean Your Bathroom This Spring

Deep Cleaning Your Bathroom This SpringEven if you don't spend much time cleaning your home, your bathroom is one room you can't ignoreBetween your sink, toilet, and bathtub, the fixtures there accumulate stains and odors that need frequent attention, while hair and dust lurk in the corners. To keep the room reasonably clean and hygienic, you should have a quick routine that takes you 15 or 20 minutes that you perform once a week or more, plus a spring cleaning routine that is more thorough.

Quick Way To Clean A Bathroom

Before you start, remove everything that doesn't belong in the bathroom, which includes clothes, shoes, old coffee cups, and magazines. Also, gather all your supplies to assure that you can spend your 20 minutes cleaning rather than looking for what you need.

  • Sink: Using disposable disinfectant wipes, wipe down the tub and sink.

  • Counter: Remove items on the counter and use a disposable wipe on this area as well.

  • Toilet: Using toilet cleaner and a brush, brush the inside of the toilet to remove any rings or dirt buildup. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the seat and the outside of the toilet and the rim under the seat.

  • Floor: Sweep and mop, especially in the main traffic area.

  • Wastebasket: Empty the trash, which is easy if you have a bag inside the basket.

Before calling your quick cleanup "done," check and see if anything else jumps out at you as needing attention. You might need to spray and wipe the mirror, faucets, or light switch.

Step It Up For Spring Cleaning

For spring cleaning, you should thoroughly clean the parts of the bathroom noted above, and work on other areas as well. First, quickly pre-clean fixtures, faucets, and vanity with a dry cloth to remove grime, dust, and hair, to make the surfaces ready for your next step.

  • Sink, counter, toilet: Spray these areas with a disinfectant cleaner and let it sit. After 15 or 20 minutes, wipe all the areas down with a cloth soaked in hot water. Replace water frequently. To make the toilet smell fresh, sprinkle baking soda in the bowl, scrub, and add one half cup of white vinegar to create a foaming action. When the foam subsides, flush the toilet and add a half cup of disinfecting bathroom cleaner.

  • Tub and shower: Clean and remove the shower curtain, keeping it out of the way as you spray a soap scum remover on the walls and floor of the tub and shower. Let this sit as you work elsewhere and then rinse. If you have tile in the area, make sure to clean the grout. If your showerhead has a buildup of lime, apply a product that dissolves lime.

  • Vents, fans, and lighting fixtures: Remove and clean vent covers and lighting globes. While the covers are off, dust the surfaces including fan blades and light bulbs.

  • General dusting: Now is a good time to dust the ceiling, the top of window frames, corners, walls, window frames and spills, shelves, and baseboards to alleviate any cobwebs, as well as dust.

  • Cabinets, shelves, and drawers: Take the time to de-clutter cabinets and drawers and remove expired or unused cosmetics. Wash out the areas. Reassess what you have displayed on shelves before you clean them. For anything that makes the cut to stay, clean it off before putting it back in place.

  • Wastebasket: Besides emptying the wastebasket, wash it out before replacing it in the bathroom.

  • Faucets, towel racks, and mirror: Spray down and polish these parts in the bathroom.

  • Floor: Sweep or vacuum and thoroughly mop the floor, including the corners.

This more thorough cleaning will take you longer than your quick weekly touchups, but will leave you with a sparkling clean, uncluttered, thoroughly sanitized room.

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