De-clutter Your Dusty Home For Spring

When you open your blinds on a bright spring day, you might notice that the rays of light appear to be filled with dust particles. This is probably true all year long, yet there's something about that first burst of light in the spring that makes you aware of it. If you suffer from allergies, you must do this carefully, so as not to trigger respiratory ailments.

Before you start your spring cleaning, you might want to start by de-cluttering each room. Aside from limiting your space and looking unsightly, the clutter that builds up is often a source of mold spores, dirt, and dust.

Tips For De-cluttering Each Room

How should you approach each room? You should focus your efforts on both the seen and the unseen sources of clutter. What's hiding in your closet adds to the dust and pollutants in your home as well as what you have lying around on a shelf.

1.     De-clutter first. When you go through that pile of clothes that needs to either be hung up or put in your donation bag, you release additional dust in the air, so hang up or de-clutter before you vacuum the room.

2.     Capture the dust. Weeding out that old pile of games or going through boxes? Wipe off or vacuum flat items covered with dust to prevent pollutants from going into the air. If the boxes have a moist feel or a musty smell, consider wearing a mask to prevent breathing in mold spores.

3.     Be merciless in your de-cluttering. According to many homes stagers, you might be able to get rid of up to 30% of the items in your home without noticing the loss. Make every item subject to questions such as "When was the last time I used this item?" or "What does this item add to my life?" Keep in mind that this tip applies to you whether you live in a tiny studio or a spacious four-bedroom home.

4.     Re-evaluate what you have sitting on tables, shelves, and counters. While it's convenient to have what you need accessible, what you leave out offers more surface area for dust to collect.

5.     Don't forget cord and cable clutter. That pile of computer cables, and even the cords that emerge from outlets and power strips, contribute to your clutter and collect dust. Aim to de-tangle and label them, loosely tie them together with cable ties, and get them out of sight.

6.     End catalog clutter. Many retailers have an online store, yet still send weekly catalogs. If possible, get off the mailing list to prevent future clutter, but for now send most of those catalogs to the recycling center and resolve to do so weekly in the future.

Don't Forget To Change Your Filters

Once you have de-cluttered and vacuumed your home, don't forget to replace your furnace filter, air cleaner filter, whole house filters, and humidifier filters. Many new modern HVAC systems suggest annual replacement, so spring is a good time to discard a year of dust and pollutants. For an on-demand source of filters when you need them, consider Air Filter Buy. As an online supplier of brand name and proprietary filters, we ship quickly and offer a 10% discount on recurring orders. Order on our website or give us a call at (855) FILTBUY.