Want to Save on Heating This Winter? Try These Top Tips!

It happens every year, yet each time the pain feels fresh and just as sharp. It cuts through your thickly padded jacket, follows you everywhere you go, keeps you awake at night, and makes it that much harder to drag yourself out of bed every morning.We're not just talking about the winter cold. We're talking ... Read more »

5 Signs It's Time to Call Your HVAC Expert

Plenty of homeowners, including many a landlord are avowed DIYers, determined to tinker, fidget, and "fix" any maintenance problem that arises without the aid of a professional. Others are more inclined to let problems linger in the hopes that they'll somehow fix themselves.When it comes to your HVAC system, diving in without the right knowledge ... Read more »

4 Ways to Get Cleaner Air Inside Your Home

Clean air is healthy air, and making sure your home environment is clean will keep you breathing easier in the here-and-now while also promoting your long-term health.If you have allergies, asthma, COPD, or any other condition that can restrict your air flow or making breathing more difficult than usual, it's even more important that the ... Read more »

Can Weather Affect Your HVAC's Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a big deal with modern HVAC systems, for several good reasons.First, the rising costs of energy is making more HVAC systems with high levels of energy efficiency a better bargain for many buyers, even though they tend to be more expensive units due to their improved engineering. The money saved on energy ... Read more »

How Often Do I REALLY Need to Change my HVAC Filter?

Replacing the filter in your air conditioning and/or heating system is an important part of keeping your appliances working properly and keeping your energy bills low. It's also a task that many homeowners forget about for months at a time, which can send your energy bill skyward and potentially contribute to other maintenance issues down ... Read more »

Certified by FilterBuy: Phoenix, AZ edition.

We are proud to announce that we have just expanded our "Certified by FilterBuy" program to include Phoenix, AZ. If you live or work in Phoenix, you can now feel confident when doing business with anyone from our certified list!Given the awesome reaction to our list of FilterBuy certified Atlanta HVAC contractors, we will likely ... Read more »

Gas, Electric, Oil: Getting to Know Your Furnace

Maybe your old furnace needs replacing, or maybe you're building your dream home and selecting all the right modern details. It could be you're just curious as to how furnaces work. Regardless, you want to know more about all the different furnace options there are today, and we can't blame you—there are a lot of ... Read more »

Troubleshooting Your HVAC System

Sometimes there is no need to call in a professional when it comes time to troubleshoot an ill-behaving HVAC system. Save the trip charge and take matters into your own hands!First of all, if you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, gas lines, and more, you may want to call in a professional. If ... Read more »

Understanding HVAC Load Calculations

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must be sized right for your home or office – here’s how the pros determine which unit is right for any particular application.There is a simple analogy that seems to sum up the art of right-sizing a heating and cooling system for a home or building. Imagine that ... Read more »

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is a vital component to any home heating system… but what exactly is it?We should all know how to flip the thermostat control on our walls from heat to cool, and how to adjust to a comfortable temperature for a cozy environment within the confines of our homes.But something is awoken each time ... Read more »

Furnace Installation Made Easy

Installing a new furnace is an undertaking that not everyone should attempt – but those who understand a few basic building concepts can save money by forgoing a contractor.The furnace is an especially critical component in the house. Unless you’re running a wood-burning stove or some other form of alternative heating, the furnace is the ... Read more »

Dehumidifiers are Invaluable for Improving Indoor Air Quality - We Rate the Best

Nothing feels better than cool, crisp indoor air – so take advantage of the latest technology in small and affordable dehumidifiers to create the ideal indoor living environment.The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established that an indoor humidity level of between 30%-60% is ideal for minimizing mold growth and inhibiting the creation of pathogens ... Read more »

How to Replace a Thermostat in 7 Easy Steps

Replacing a thermostat is one of the easiest and most important home upgrades a homeowner can accomplish. Ten minutes and some simple hand tools is all it takes! Read on to find out how…The thermostat is one of the most important components to a home’s heating ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). After all, it ... Read more »

Troubleshoot your Furnace Yourself and Save Money

When the furnace starts to act up, don’t reach for your wallet – instead, take note of the following tips for self-diagnosing your forced air furnace system. It might be easier than you think!Ready, set…. and there’s absolutely no heat coming from the floor registers around the house. The temperatures are dropping and the house ... Read more »

Best Pellet Stoves for the Optimal Efficiency and Performance

More and more homeowners are switching to wood pellet stoves for home heat these days – but which ones are the best for your particular application?Man has burned wood for thousands of years to provide both reliable, consistent warmth and a sense of security and safety. A crackling fire creates a serene environment that lulls ... Read more »

Furnace Maintenance Tips for DIYers

Keep your furnace maintained and you’ll see dramatically improved, efficient heating of your home or building. If you are a DIY’er you’ll want to pay attention to the following tips.The furnace is a mechanical unit located inside of a home or building that is responsible for heating the structure to a comfortable temperature. When the ... Read more »

Your A/C is Not Cooling - Now What Do You Do?

On a hot summer day the last thing you want to experience is an air-conditioning related problem. The following tips will help you to diagnose your A/C, and quickly return your cooling unit to peak operating conditionIt is 90-degrees out and humid. You've been at work all day and you are now just pulling into ... Read more »

How to Test or Check a Capacitor

The capacitor is a vital electrical component to any air conditioning system or forced air heater. Knowing how to check if your capacitor is working properly can help save on major repair bills from your HVAC repair person.Before we mention one word about checking your capacitor, please heed this warning. If you aren’t comfortable working ... Read more »

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat Pumps can offer significant advantages over standard heating and cooling systems – but how exactly do they work? And, is a heat pump the right choice for your home or commercial building?Ask a group of individuals what they feel is the greatest invention in the last couple hundred years and you’ll likely get a ... Read more »

How to Clean a Furnace: Best Practices and Safety Tips

As a new homeowner, maintaining a furnace can sound daunting and unrealistic without professional help. Fortunately, people have been perfecting central heating systems since Ancient Rome, and the modern furnace is not only efficient and safe, but easy to maintain.To keep your furnace operating at its best, change or clean the furnace filter before the ... Read more »