How Often Do I REALLY Need to Change my HVAC Filter?

Replacing the filter in your air conditioning and/or heating system is an important part of keeping your appliances working properly and keeping your energy bills low. It's also a task that many homeowners forget about for months at a time, which can send your energy bill skyward and potentially contribute to other maintenance issues down ... Read more »

Certified by FilterBuy: Phoenix, AZ edition.

We are proud to announce that we have just expanded our "Certified by FilterBuy" program to include Phoenix, AZ. If you live or work in Phoenix, you can now feel confident when doing business with anyone from our certified list!Given the awesome reaction to our list of FilterBuy certified Atlanta HVAC contractors, we will likely ... Read more »

Dehumidifiers are Invaluable for Improving Indoor Air Quality - We Rate the Best

Nothing feels better than cool, crisp indoor air – so take advantage of the latest technology in small and affordable dehumidifiers to create the ideal indoor living environment.The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established that an indoor humidity level of between 30%-60% is ideal for minimizing mold growth and inhibiting the creation of pathogens ... Read more »