Healthy Living in 2016

Experts in the field of health and wellness reinforce the importance of making a variety of healthy living choices to improve fitness and overall wellbeing Healthy living equates to more than simply watching one’s waistline. In fact, there are several components to healthy living that don’t involve scrutinizing your BMI or obsessing about the next ... Read more »

How Often Do I REALLY Need to Change my HVAC Filter?

Replacing the filter in your air conditioning and/or heating system is an important part of keeping your appliances working properly and keeping your energy bills low. It's also a task that many homeowners forget about for months at a time, which can send your energy bill skyward and potentially contribute to other maintenance issues down ... Read more »

Certified by FilterBuy: Phoenix, AZ edition.

We are proud to announce that we have just expanded our "Certified by FilterBuy" program to include Phoenix, AZ. If you live or work in Phoenix, you can now feel confident when doing business with anyone from our certified list!Given the awesome reaction to our list of FilterBuy certified Atlanta HVAC contractors, we will likely ... Read more »

Dehumidifiers are Invaluable for Improving Indoor Air Quality - We Rate the Best

Nothing feels better than cool, crisp indoor air – so take advantage of the latest technology in small and affordable dehumidifiers to create the ideal indoor living environment.The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established that an indoor humidity level of between 30%-60% is ideal for minimizing mold growth and inhibiting the creation of pathogens ... Read more »

Announcing the AFB Scholarship Program

We are proud to announce the inaugural AFB scholarship for environmentally conscious students. Our goal is to provide assistance to students that show a keen awareness of environmental issues as well as how the decisions each and everyone of us makes on a daily basis effect the world in which we live. For our first ... Read more »

Custom Air Filters - the Standard at

It happens to our customers all the time. They move in to a new home / apartment / industrial building and they realize that the furnace filters are long overdue for replacement. They take them out, write down the size (if they can find it!) and off to their favorite hardware store (often times 2 ... Read more »

What To Do If Your Double Pane Windows Lose Their Seals

Windows let light into your home, but also are a conduit for air. To make windows more effective at keeping warm and cold air where it is supposed to be, double and even triple pane windows are the standard for new installations. These windows are energy savers, but homeowners may notice that in time, the ... Read more »

The Problem With Washable Air Filters

The importance of going Green has transformed the way many homes function today. There are trash compactors, bamboo floors, and rain barrels. Yet your furnace and HVAC system also offer big opportunities for being more energy efficient. Air filters safely trap particles like pollen, tobacco smoke, dust, mildew, and mold. They also keep your heating ... Read more »

What Gets Trapped By Home Air Filters?

Home air filters are one of the best ways to keep indoor air clean and healthy. Since pollution is responsible for 94% of all respiratory ailments, it is worthwhile to ensure that your home’s various filters are sized properly, positioned securely, and replaced adequately frequently to allow them to function optimally.   Air Filters Capture ... Read more »

The Importance Of Filtration In Our Daily Lives

The importance of high-quality, effective air filtration reached new heights recently when a Boeing 787 Dreamliner bound for Tokyo was diverted to Seattle due to a faulty air filter. While airplanes may not be part of your daily life, this example demonstrates the importance of filtration. To better understand how filtration affects you, consider these ... Read more »

Step-By-Step Instructions For Replacing Your Air Filter

Regularly replacing the air filter in your furnace protects both your health and budget. Clogged furnace filters can allow debris into the system that can potentially cause damage, increase energy bills, and even create respiratory problems. These simple steps make it easy to change your air filter so that your energy bills stay low and your ... Read more »

Which Air Filter Should I Choose?

Selecting the right filter for your Trane, Rheem or other AC unit or furnace can reduce electric bills by as much as 15% and improve air quality within your home. During peak usage, a clogged AC or furnace filter can raise a $200 electric bill to as much as $280, according to one study. Instead ... Read more »

5 Reasons You Should Change Your Air Filter On Schedule

Air filters seem like a minor maintenance issue in your home's upkeep. Air filters are oil in a car. If you keep ignoring the need to replace it, eventually it will turn thick and gooey. The goo will start clogging up the car's systems, reduce performance and result in repairs. Not replacing air filters at ... Read more »

The furnace filter “size issue”

If you have an old filter from your furnace that has its dimensions printed on it, size is not an issue for you. Simply order your new filters in the same size. FYI, though, those dimensions are not the actual dimensions of the opening in your furnace where the filter is installed. The dimensions are ... Read more »

All about MERV ratings

Every furnace filter has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating, which measures how efficiently the filter captures particles of specific sizes that pass through it as your furnace operates. MERV ratings range from 1 (least efficient) to 16 (extremely efficient). Particles are measured in microns and range from carpet and textile fibers (greater than ... Read more »

How often should I change my furnace filter?

For the common, one-inch-thick type of residential filter, we recommend that you change it every month. As particles accumulate on the filter, they progressively block the passage of air through the filter. This means your furnace has to work harder to “suck” air through the filter. This can lessen the useful life of your furnace, ... Read more »