Flanders Air Filter Replacements

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Flanders Air Filters

Flanders Air Filters produces a high-performance line of generic pleated filters in a variety of sizes to fit most HVAC units in use today. We carry FilterBuy-branded furnace filters that are specifically designed for use in the same applications and provide just as effective – often times more effective, results per independent testing. Our FilterBuy-branded filters come in over 600 different sizes (well more than any other available brand) and deliver the flexibility of four distinct quality ratings to accommodate your specific needs. Have a family member with severe allergies? If so, choose a filter that effectively reduces dust, pollen, dust mites, and other common household allergens. If you are ordering replacement filters for a commercial installation, medical office, or even a hospital, consider our line of MERV 8 or 13-rated filters that combine incredible filtration power with minimal pressure reduction on most HVAC systems.

To order, simply choose a size from the drop down menu on the left. Select a performance rating that meets your needs, then sit back and wait a few days for your new filters to arrive. Installation takes only minutes, meaning that you’ll be just moments away from enjoying cleaner, healthier air after your filter replacement. Do you find it hard to remember to replace your filters as often as you should? If so, you aren’t alone! That is why we have established a recurring purchase plan that takes the hassles out of filter ordering. We will simply deliver your required air filters at predetermined intervals – and we’ll discount the order, too! It doesn’t get any easier than this, so contact the filtration experts at FilterBuy.com today!