Febreze Air Filter Replacements

Need another size?


Febreze, a division of Proctor and Gamble, currently manufactures a comprehensive line of pleated filters – available today in a variety of sizes and ratings. To replace these filters, we offer a host of FilterBuy-branded filters that are specifically designed for use in the same applications as the Febreze-branded units, and they have proven to be just as effective - often more effective, during independent testing. Our FilterBuy-branded filters come in over 600 different sizes (well more than any other available brand) and deliver the flexibility of choosing between four different filtration performance ratings to meet your specific preferences and needs. Simply choose a size from the drop down menu on the left to get started. It’s that simple!

Once you receive your shipment of Febreze replacement air filters, you’ll be just minutes away from enjoying clean, refreshing air – all thanks to the high-performance filtration materials that are built into each top-quality furnace filter. Installation takes only minutes, and with our convenient recurring purchase plan, you won’t even have to remember to order new filters – they’ll simply arrive during predetermined intervals! We even reward you with a discount for using this service. Order today from FilterBuy.com, and see just how easy it is to purify your indoor air – at prices that simply can’t be beat.